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Da Patator Encoder -- Written by Nicolas Clément


  • 07/09/2004: Go back to work !!
       I'm working on a totally new version of dpencoder. Must write some lines of code
       again,but I can tell this is 75% ready for now...
       A new interface and some little features more...
       One thing I can tell is DPE will be easier for newbies and a little better
       for masters of the known universe.... ;o)=
  • Dpencoder 0.6c released.
       Added a picture display feature in chapters dialog...
       Corrected some locale mistakes..... ;o)=
  • Dpencoder 0.6b released.
       Dpencoder now has partial support for french language.
       Some bugfixes in Dpencoder.xs and Dpencoder.pm
  • Description

    DPEncoder is an application to easily encode DVD's into DivX files with an intuitive interface. This is only a MEncoder ( from MPlayer project ) perlQt frontend, so don't expect this to do more than the application it's based from. I wrote this app in order to learn more about Perl and Qt. This is my very first project (ok, you're hopping this would be the last... ;o)= ). I didn't wrote anything in the past 'cause I'm new to Perl and Qt. DPE is an EARLY ALPHA project, so expect bugs and some other good things.
    Hope this will help you........enjoy !

    Some features

    DPEncoder enables you to :


    And of course :

    This app DON'T NEED KDE to work, but only Qt and perlQt extension !!!

    I know you're thinking : "What that shit looks like....". Well, let's see...

    This is the main window after performing a "DVD scan"
    (Plastik KDE style)

    DPE while encoding...

    New extra file operations !!


    Current DPE version is 0.6b
    Note: Don't use previous versions ! Buggy versions !
    You can download it on the Sourceforge project page.
    For any requests, don't forget to mail me !


    Untar the archive ( tar xvjf dpencoder-x.x.tar.bz2 )
    cd to dpencoder-x.x/DPEncoder/ and run perl Makefile.PL
    If all's good, do a make followed by a make install ( as root )
    That's done !!! Now run DPencoder and enjoy ! ( or throw it to /dev/null )


    I'd like to give a big THANX to the following persons :

    Some links

    This are links I often use :

    Project Information

    All aditional information may be found on the sourceforge project page.
    In order to improve DPE, I need to get feedbacks. So, please, mail me !!

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